The Umber River Strategem

A heart-to-heart with my Squad Buddies

Khulan has given recent events a lot of thought, and has something she's like to reluctantly share

We might not be good at diplomacy, you guys.

I know we all thought it would be a good thing to try to stop the orcs and the Theskians from fighting each other instead of fighting the Red Wizards but it occurs to me that maybe diplomacy isn’t one of our Squad Strengths.

Also, I worry that even though we have been having tons of wonderful Squad adventures — I got to slay a chain devil, from the Nine Hells! And pilot an airship! All in the same day! — it also seems like the one person who could have led us to Enias has left us and run off to find him on her own, and probably warn him that we are coming. I don’t mean to alarm anyone, but does this seem kind of bad to anyone else, Squad Buddies?

I mean, I know everyone is sad that our former Squad Buddy Groa isn’t our Squad Buddy anymore (even though she was kind of a downer and kept shooting arrows at me for no reason) but my friends, are we even still trying to find Enias? Is that our mission? Or did we get a new mission? I am not sure what our mission is.

Squad buddies, I need you to tell me these things.



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