The Umber River Strategem

From Leoris Lightdancer to Chaitin Zurn


We will need to transfer heavy ordinance soon, but not before the militias are ready. The Adopted Children of Eilistraee will declare an independent orc federation along the banks of Lake Umber and the Umber river but only after the once the militias are trained and their numbers sufficient. Only after Thesk launches an attack should the heavy ordinance be sent, guaranteeing that it will be used against Thesk and not us.


Some of these orcs are very scared and even have been talking about calling for support from the orc hordes. Most resist, but the desperate may seek help from the followers of Grumsh. If the orc hordes enter the region, we may find ourselves with another enemy. They may have no love of Aglarond, but the brutes will not bow to us at all. I’ve killed some of those more eager to call in the orc tribes.

Thesk will send various militias to stop the Adopted once the uprising starts; small militia units are attacking villages already, but that may be more out of the new Theskian Warmages desire to create a consolidate, centralized human state. We will need to help the Adopted hold out long enough for the orcs and the Theskans to bleed enough forces for us to take the new orc state easily, and maybe even take a good deal of deeper Thesk along the way. They may not have a hard a time as we thought in holding out. The self-proclaimed “Gul-Kish’ku” of the Adopted is considerably more effective than expected.

The numbers of the Adopted are nearly 6,000 now. The Theskan government has always claimed that orcs are less than 1 in 10, perhaps only 1 in 20; in truth that number may be close to 1 in 5. Many continue to flock to the militias, and for good reason. The stupid Theskians are proving to be more brutal and thus more useful than expected. The numbers of the Adopted swell with each Theskan raid.

But one way or another this orc federation will be stillborn, I promise. And Thesk’s efforts to finally create a real state instead of this network of weak lords and baronies will finally succeed with a centralized Thesk… ruled by a Thayan viceroy.

On another practical note, the Gul-Kish’ku has asked, as you expected, where we managed to get such firepower. They accepted the story that the arms are coming from remnants of the faction that was defeat by us a few months ago in Waterdeep, that their remnants have now become arms dealers and smugglers. But they are not buying the idea that these dealers have stolen heavy ordinance from Thay. He wants proof that we ambushed a major Thayan party with 300 jars of Dragon’s Breadth. “Too convenient,” he said. He asked the “arms dealer” come when the explosives are delivered.

I suggest that you bring the document to show that Zass Tamm is reinforcing the old Red Keep. Best to hide lies with truths.

They are cautious; getting key figures to meet us so that we can get them near some dopplegangers will not be easy.

I await delivery at the Adopted Camp outside Tar Hill on 18th of Eleint.

—Leoris Lightdancer



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