Liliwyn Moss

I will not rest until I've classified all undead


Liliwyn is a sarcastic fighter of the undead whose gruff, badass exterior conceals her somewhat nerdier leanings. She is half-elf, druid, and carries a weapon called the Bane of the Undead.


A member of the Circle of the Moon, Liliwyn is the love child of druid human Gwendolyn Moss and a druid elf named Carric Nailo. Because of Carric’s love for another and his radical political leanings, he played very little part in the raising of his half-elf daughter. Instead, Liliwyn was raised by her mother and her mother’s lover, a cleric human named Gunther Krahl, in the High Forest. Gunther and Gwen were part of a druidic circle that focused both on fighting the undead but also on recording and preserving knowledge of undead ways, on the theory that such learning would help future fighters.


Gwen retired from undead fighting and lives in a tree, but Gunther and Lili fought on, killing zombies and adding knowledge to Gunther’s—-now Lili’s—-journals. All was going great until one day, Lili caught wind of some Blighters attacking a gnome village. Lili and Gunther rushed to help, but were surprised at the strength and power of the Blighters, who managed to wipe out a number of gnomes in their attack. Lili and Gunther fought nobly, but Gunther died in the battle. Lili would have, too, but for some up-jump gnome jumping in and witch bolted her opponent, saving her life.

The aftermath was severe. The young gnome, going by the name Garos, had lost his parents and his tutor, and Gunther was dead. Lili was able to save his notebook, thank Mielikki. Garos explained that he was some kind of gnome prophet meant to save the world because of a tattoo. Lili was initially skeptical, but when Garos managed to climb on the back of Mercy, her direwolf, she became more convinced that he probably was something special. After all, Oberon is a wondrous fae nature god, and if he wills it, Lili figures it for the best.

Plus, the world is stashed with undead that are need eradicating. Perhaps Oberon chose this young one to be a mighty warrior against the undead. Perhaps this meeting was meant to be. So Lili stifles her frequent annoyance at Garos and lets him come along.

When Lili was a teenager, Gwen and Gunther gave her a sacred weapon, the Bane of the Undead.


Along with Gunther’s notebooks, this is all Lili has left of her father figure and mentor. Seeing her real father, Carric, so shortly after Gunther’s death only drove him to her how much she is truly on her own now. Well, except for Garos. But when it comes to taking responsibility and making decisions, she is on her own.

Lili also has a direwolf named Mercy. She found Mercy when she happened across the corpse of a direwolf in the woods. The she-wolf was dead, but she still had a living pup. Lili nursed the puppy back to healthy, naming her Mercy for the obvious reasons. When Mercy became an adult, Lili took her to the woods to bid her farewell, but Mercy would not go. Since then, she has become a loyal—-but still very wild—-companion, who will let Lili ride her but until Garos came along, could not be touched by anyone else. She is a merciless fighter.


Lili travels from town to town and wood to wood, going where she hears the undead are terrorizing people and nature, and wiping them out. As she goes, she adds to Gunther’s notebook: Drawings, descriptions, any information she can find on the undead, to add to the store of knowledge. Perhaps, one day, there will be enough accumulated wisdom to wipe out the unnatural practice of keeping the souls of the dead tied to their bodies in misery.

When she got word from the Simbarch Council of Aglarond that her services were requested, Lili initially balked at traveling so far away. But there have been murmurings about undead activity in the area that is growing—-perhaps to unprecedented levels—-and turning down the opportunity to learn more is not Lili’s style. So she packed up her reluctant direwolf and her overeager protégé and headed east to Aglarond. Perhaps they will have a shot at the great and horrible Szass Tam. Lili used to think that she was but a mere undead fighter, destined to spend her days hacking zombies that threaten the High Forest before retiring to a tree like her mother. Now she wonder if she’s meant for something greater.

Liliwyn Moss

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