The Umber River Strategem

Facing A Legendary Death Knight

Liliwyn discovers her destiny


The sense of destiny that has infused our quest in the East has been validated, though not in the way I would have ever guessed. We were sent back in time not just to help save the world by stopping doomsday cultists from releasing kraken, but to show modern Theskans that resorting to the nuclear option against Orc settlers is foolish and will only result in total destruction.

Enias told us this was our destiny, but I cannot help but think this is but a small part of it, and that greater things lay in store for us. Why else would the universe then turn around and provide us a veritable treasure trove of some of the best weapons and armor I have ever laid eyes upon? My destiny is to make a major blow in the war against necromancy. I can feel it in my bones.

The Theyan wizards must be very afraid, because they sent against us a figure that has been spoken of in whispers in the world of undead fighters, a fiend so evil that I often wondered if he was just a legend. In life, he was a paladin named Sir Antonin, a knight who had sworn himself to the pursuit of justice. But he became wrapped up in a false faith, one that teaches evil beliefs— that women are inferior to men, that same-sex attracted people are perverse— and his religion turned his heart, making him hateful and so evil that he morphed into a true abomination, a death knight, an undead thing composed of pure evil.

I cannot say we slew him. The rot in the soul of a death knight is so profound that they are cursed to live in undeath unless they are somehow redeemed. But we put him down so hard we were able to strip him of his weapons and armor. When he rises again, he will be naked and unarmed. That is not nothing.

It was perhaps the fiercest battle of my life. The death knight was riding a night mare.


Luckily, I was able to summon some elementals, in the shape of flying magma monsters, before the death knight cursed us with a spell so powerful it nearly killed both myself and Garos. Luckily, Vance revived me enough that I could revive Garos, but we were hardly in much shape to fight. But my elementals had, as asked, breathed so much fire on the death knight that he was weakened and, in short order, my brave companions killed both him and the death knight.

We have returned to Enias’s camp and I have set Garos to work drawing the death knight so I can catalogue him for the book, along with instructions on how silencing spells are a good way to prevent such a monster from casting his deadly spells. Nearly dying was terrifying, of course, as was nearly losing young Garos, who I occasionally worry is not grown enough for such dangerous adventures. (To which he gaily replies, “Gosh, boss, maybe if I were an ordinary gnome, but I’ve been chosen by Oberon!”) But with my new quarterstaff of healing and my magical armor— to finally find magical armor that isn’t metal was such a relief!— I feel we will come out on the other side of this alive.



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