The Umber River Strategem

The Bane of the Undead Is Singing

Liliwyn cannot wait to kill some necromancers


We have finally met Enias. He is alive and well, which is exactly what Aglarond told us would not be true, making me all the more concerned that we are being played by them. Either way, I have no trust for them any longer. Or anyone, except my loyal teammates, who may have their secrets but have proven time and time again that they are basically good people who will do the right thing when the chips are down. And that includes Enias, who I fear is so wrapped up in the the intricate politics of Thesk that he has stopped seeing the big picture here.

And that big picture, of course, is stopping the scourge of undeath that poisons our world, perverts the natural order and prevents hapless souls from enjoying their much-deserved rest. As I long suspected, the Red Wizards of They are attempting to build an unholy army of undead to perpetuate their petty political grievances and expand their fascistic empire. Enias and his crew are so caught up in this local civil war that they can’t see what needs to be done, which to totally destroy the Red Wizards and their entire evil empire. So it is up to us.

Enias has, with a reluctance I find a bit disturbing, agreed to let us go after these dark fiends, as if we’re doing him a favor instead of simply doing what needs to be done. (Mielikki help me, I would have thought someone of the angelic persuasion would take a more spiritual, not to mention global and longterm, view of things.) But before he would give us the location of where the Theyan necromancers were working, he made us go stop a bunch of imbeciles from releasing some kraken in order to prosecute their pointless war between humans and orcs.


Fine. At least it is more noble work than trying to make peace between two factions of people who are so caught up in their grudges that they can’t even hear reason. And so we have done what needed to be done, keeping the kraken in their place and those who would release them have been sent to their eternal rest.

My gnomish friend suggests we should, since we’re already here, load up on weapons that are hidden in the tombs, in order to fight this war. I cannot argue with her logic, but it does seem that doing this might require us to fight some rather unpleasant monsters, like a beholder.


But no matter. My squire, Garos, does need more battle-hardening and my companions do need more weapons. I have the Bane of the Undead already, but would not want them to miss out on what it’s like to hold such awesome power.


Soon we will be doing what I was born to do, trained to do, and will likely die doing: Killing the undead. I will not stop until they are all dead or I am.



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