The Umber River Strategem

What's another name for pirate's treasure?

Liliwyn learns to love booty


As a druid and a worshipper of Mielikki of the Deep Wilds, I have very little use for money or materialism. I take the money we’ve gained from this adventure with great reluctance, knowing that we need it to accomplish our goals but still disliking any engagement with filthy lucre.

But the goods we got from our tomb raid? I must admit this shit is cool.

We found multiple Ioun stones, and I selected an amethyst one. It holds up to three spells, depending on their power, which I am sure will come in handy with our upcoming battle with necromancers.

Most of my companions have found excellent weapons and armor during their journeys, but my inability to handle metal has made it difficult for me. That all changed when we found the tomb of a fellow druid, albeit one who was clearly far more skilled than I. His studded leather armor is perfect for me, adding more protection than my previous armor. It is also magical, able to induce paralyzing fear into my enemies. As I see it, they should be afraid. But this will help bring their feelings in line with the reality of their impending deaths.

Mercy agrees.


I also got a quarterstaff of healing. It’s a humble-looking weapon, but it can help save the lives of my fellows.

Luckily, Garos got a ring of protection. His combination of impulsiveness and fragility makes me quite glad that he has such a thing.



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